"This issue is all about the mysterious, miraculous, and somewhat meticulous world of CRYSTALS. In the nooks and crannies of the world, these little nuggets gleam in the shadows and peek their faceted faces through the Earth’s hard crust. Join me and fellow artists in celebrating the beauty of all things CRYSTALS..."

24 full-color pages dedicated to all things CRYSTALS.


"Welcome back to another issue of YOGURT Culture Zine! This time we’re exploring the mysteries of FOLKLORE. I’m still searching for the perfect balance between a concrete theme and something loose enough to provoke creative variety... And I think FOLKLORE did the job quite nicely!!"

40 full-color pages dedicated to all things FOLKLORE.


"Food is such a wonderful aspect of being a living breathing critter on planet Earth, but so are ZINES! This issue is made possible by the amazing people who contribute to YOGURT, as well as those who stumble across an issue at their local bookstore. THANK YOU!!"

32 full-color pages dedicated to all things FOOD


"I’ve been enjoying all the flowers of spring, but now that summer’s just about here all the blooms are fading and the grasses are turning brown. However! There are still flowers around town, and this zine is an everlasting testament to the beauty of blossoms!"

36 full-color pages dedicated to all things FLOWERS.


"In this issue, I wanted to extend all these musings to the other artists I know. Who makes you inspired, what personality traits do you respect most of all, or who made an eternal and positive impact on your worldview? All of these things (and more) are what come to mind when thinking of my personal heroes."

24 full-color pages dedicated to all things HEROES.


"When I was a kid, I swore I saw cryptids. I had a huge imagination, and I didn’t really trust the adults around me because I thought they didn’t consider the endless possibilities as much as they could. Why couldn’t something mysterious exist? Because you’ve never seen it before? It seemed like all the grown-ups around me wrote off things that didn’t directly affect them, or things that weren’t obvious facts of life. I wanted to chase down evidence of fleeting things that were left ignored by most people."

40 full-color pages dedicated to all things CRYPTIDS.



"All of our lives we've remained in this one world, and never physically lived in any other... But we have all experienced other worlds. We've seen them in movies, explored them in books, and invented them through art. This issue shows that each of us can share our unique ideas of other worlds with each other, and even though they may look different from each other they all belong to the same theme... OTHER WORLDS"

32 full-color pages dedicated to all things OTHER WORLDS.



"Mischievous, whimsical, ethereal, frightful... small, invisible, helpful, spiteful... What are fairies? Where do they live? Have you ever seen one? Different artists have gathered together to share their ideas of what it might be like to see, hear, or know a fairy..."

32 full-color pages dedicated to all things FAIRIES.


"Potions and toads and magic spells are common ideas surrounding witches, but taking flight on a warm summer night, planting seeds in the soft earth, and sharing stories of their ancestors are connected to them as well. Please journey along with us in this zine all about the magical enchantments of WITCHES."

40 full-color pages dedicated to all things WITCHES.


"There's nothing quite like a juicy watermelon on a hot day, or tart grapefruit for breakfast with a glass of pulpy orange juice. Come celebrate the refreshing and plump little parcels of flavor in this ooey gooey issue of YOGURT Culture Zine!"

32 full-color pages dedicated to all things FRUIT.


"Our fishy friends of the sea, the singers on the waves - weavers of pearls and braiders of weeds! Riders of foam and sirens in the mists. Mermaids have always had a place in folktales around the world, and they continue to be alluring and mysterious. But, this issue isn't just about mermaids! It's about their home, and their fascinations, their mystery... We wanted to explore not only mermaids themselves, but where they live and how they live."

36 full-color pages dedicated to all things MERMAIDS.



a (1) : a stage in the process of growing : size
(2) : full growth
b : the process of growing
c : progressive development : evolution"

36 full-color pages dedicated to all things GROWTH.