INSPIRATION, CONNECTION, TREASURE... What’s your favorite zine, song, or movie? I want to publish a zine all about FAVORITES. Everyone is different, but everyone has a favorite thing. Is it a place, a food, a book, or a memory? Send in all writing, illustrations, and photographs about what your FAVORITE thing is, and feel free to include a small blurb about it, too!

⚠️ DEADLINE: July 31, 2022 ⚠️


EARTHY, SHINY, MAGIC... Sacred stones, precious gems, shiny things... What are CRYSTALS? Magic caverns & powerful objects to hone spells... If you have an illustration, poem, essay, or photograph about CRYSTALS, then please send it in!

⚠️ DEADLINE: July 31, 2022 ⚠️

YOGURT Culture Zine is a quarterly artist submission zine. Each issue is made possible by artists who submit their paintings, drawings, poems, short stories, etc. so we REALLY appreciate all those who submit their work to be published, and we strive to produce a zine that allows other zine lovers to discover new art and new ideas.


MYTH, LEGEND, SUPERSTITION... Let us know how FOLKLORE has inspired you. The upcoming issue of YOGURT will feature stories and illustrations surrounding the mysteries of fables and tradition.
⚠️ DEADLINE: March 31, 2022 ⚠️


Please email all submissions to yogurtculturezine@gmail.com.

  1. What Size is the Zine?

    The zine is A5 format with bleed -- 3572px by 2555px at 300ppi. Please allow for bleed with full-page image submissions.

    Click the image(s) below to download a GIF template of a full page spread, or a single page. (Pink is the bleed, Black is the actual zine, and Blue is the safety area.)

    YOGURT Culture Zine Single Page Template     YOGURT Culture Zine Single Page Template

  2. What Does the Finished Zine Look Like?

    Please check out this Instagram post to see a video of the zine, thanks to VLASINDA PRODUCTIONS.

  3. Will I Get Paid?

    Right now, the zine is a passion project, so each contributor is only compensated with a free zine with their work in it once it gets printed.

  4. What Should I Submit?

    Each issue has a theme, so any illustrations, writing, or photography inspired by the theme is loved!

  5. How Many Submissions Can I Send?

    Multiple submissions are OK, however there may only be enough space to accommodate 1 or 2 entries per person. Also, I can't accept every single submission because of very limited printing space!

  6. What Can I NOT Submit?

    You must own the rights to your submission. No fan fiction or content from other media. No racist, sexist, obscene, violent, political, or proselytizing material.

  7. How Can I Get More Information about the Zine?

    Email me at yogurtculturezine@gmail.com, or feel free to browse the Instagram!